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SaariHelvetti Festival will shake Tampere on the 6th and 7th of August 2021. This is the third time the festival, celebrating it’s 7th anniversary is organised over two days.

The festival is organised on Viikinsaari Island, which is situated on Pyhäjärvi Lake. The island is about 20 minutes by ferry from Tampere central “Laukontori” harbour. All ticket types include return ferry tickets. The festival area has plenty of food options (incl. vegans), plenty of drinks and bar areas and great music across three stages.

Ticket types:


Friday: starting at 62,00 €
Saturday: SOLD OUT!
2 Day Tickets: SOLD OUT!

Pre-sale for the SaariHelvetti tickets will end at 12:00pm on the first day of the festival. Tickets will be sold at Laukontori, if there are tickets still available. The ticket sales tent is open both days 12:00pm – 20:45pm. Cash and card payments are both available. The ticket sales tent will exchange the pre-purchased festival tickets for festival wristbands on the day of the event.

Customers that use a wheelchair or have a visual impairment can bring an escort with them to the festival free of charge, within the basic ticket type features (not VIP). The area itself is wheelchair accessible, but the festival does not unfortunately offer separate wheelchair seating and should it rain, the ground might get more challenging for wheelchair usage.

Helvetti wristbands:

Customers can exchange their festival tickets for a festival wristband in advance on Wednesday 4.8.2021 and Thursday 5.8.2021 16:00pm – 22:00pm at Yo-talo, Tampere. The address for Yo-talo is Kauppakatu 10. The bar will offer SaariHelvetti drink specials during the wristband exchange. It is recommended to exchange the tickets to wristbands in advance to avoid overcrowding and big queues during the festival dates.

All of the two-day ticket types, as well as the VIP tickets, will be exchanged for a festival wristband. Visitors with accepted media accreditations can also get their wristbands from the pre-exchange evenings at Yo-talo. Basic one-day tickets will not be exchanged for wristbands, but the tickets will be scanned at the harbour, before entering the ferries to the island.

How to get to the Island of Hell:

The island will be accessed via ferries operated by Hopealinjat. The ferries will be departing from Laukontori harbour. The VIP boat will leave on Friday at 14:00pm and on Saturday at 13:00 pm. The first ferries that will be open to everyone, will depart on Friday at 14:15pm and on Saturday at 13:15pm. During the first hours, the ferries will be operating non-stop between Laukontori and Viikinsaari island. After the SaariHelvetti rush hour has calmed down, the ferries will start departing on the hour from the harbour (18:00, 19:00, etc) and back to the harbour from Viikinsaari on the half hour (19:30, 20:30, etc.). The ferries operate non-stop towards Laukontori harbour starting from 21:30pm. The SaariHelvetti staff will inform via Facebook when the boats will change from moving non-stop to departing on the hour. The last boat towards Viikinsaari will depart from the Laukontori harbour at 21:00pm and from the island, the boats will depart towards Laukontori harbour until 01:30am. The ferry rides are included in all the ticket types.

PLEASE NOTE!! Bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the ferries is FORBIDDEN.

Arriving to SaariHelvetti with your own boat is STRICTLY forbidden. The Viikinsaari guest marina will be closed during the festival.

Age restrictions and serving of alcoholic beverages:

SaariHelvetti is an age restricted festival as customers can enjoy alcoholic beverages throughout the whole area. Therefore, customers must be at least 18 years of age. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages to SaariHelvetti is forbidden. One max. 1,5l unopened non-alcoholic drink can be brought to the island per customer. Picnic snacks are allowed. SaariHelvetti has multiple indoor toilets with running water, so filling up water bottles is easily accessible.

VIP of Hell:

VIP-ticket customers have their own ferry departing Friday at 14:00pm and Saturday at 13:00pm from Laukontori harbour. VIP-customers will get a delicious buffet lunch form 14:30 – 17:00 (Friday) and 13:30 – 16:00 (Saturday), their own VIP-area, a VIP-pass, sparkling wine on the boat and much more.

Is SaariHelvetti safe?

At Laukontori, a security check will be done on everyone and forbidden goods will be confiscated. Laukontori does not have a cloakroom so please leave you forbidden items at home. Viikinsaari has a cloakroom, where customers can leave things they do not wish to carry around the festival area.

Corona will be taken very seriously at SaariHelvetti.

Every festival goer will receive their own small hand sanitizer bottle and if wanted, a face mask before boarding a ferry. Laukontori as well as the island will have multiple hand washing and hand sanitizer areas. The ferries will be disinfected carefully, as well as the different surfaces at the festival, door knobs etc.

The SaariHelvetti indoor stage has been removed, due to its safety risks at this current time. Instead, the festival will have a second outdoor stage and according to official corona health security guidelines, the island will offer enough tables and chairs for the visitors.

Please note, that the boats can get crowded at times, even though the staff will take care to not fill the boats to their maximum capacity. If a customer feels that the boat is too full for their comfort, they are free to stay onshore and wait for the next boat.

We kindly ask each customer to take the special health situation responsibly and to take care of their hygiene as well as keep the recommended safety distances!

PLEASE NOTE!! More detailed safety instructions can be found at the end of the festival information and we advise each festival visitor to read them carefully.

The restricted items of Hell:

For everyone’s safety, we kindly ask to not bring these following items to SaariHelvetti:

Your own hand sanitizer bottles over 50ml (NOTE! Every customer will receive their own personal hand sanitizer bottle for free upon arrival), professional photography equipment, bicycles, camping chairs, glass bottles (no matter what the contents), alcoholic products, drugs, umbrellas, weapons, multipurpose tools, explosives, fireworks, torches, lazers, animals, Nickelback records, banners, fishing equipment, fishing magnets and every item that can be classified as being dangerous.

Will there be food at SaariHelvetti?

SaariHelvetti offers a wide selection of different food options. Allergies and special diets have been taken into consideration and the customers will also find vegan and vegetarian options from the selection. The awarded Restaurant Viikinsaari offers several different food stops around island, the island grill kiosk offers some quick and tasty salty foods and the local Sausages Finland will be offering different sausages at their food stand. You will not be hungry at SaariHelvetti! There will also be a coffee tent available to sell hot beverages such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate and of course plenty of bar areas where you can purchase your drink of preference.

Photographing Hell:

The customers are free to bring their own cameras to the festival, as long as they are not professional cameras used for professional festival photographing. 


Viikinsaaari has indoor toilets, where festival visitors can refill their water bottles with clean, drinkable water. Additionally, the Kaaoszine-stage area has a couple of outdoor portable toilets to keep the true festival feeling alive.

Helvetti stages:

SaariHelvetti has three stages. The main stage, Kaaoszine Stage, is located at the big Viikinsaari grass field. Inferno Stage can be found from the island’s mini golf field and Rock’n’Tits Stage can be found from the island’s restaurant area.


Viikinsaari has a cloakroom, located next to the Info stand and the restaurant. The cloakroom costs 3€ and extra visits to one’s belongings does not cost extra. Card payment is available and recommended. Please notice, that Laukontori does not offer cloakroom services.

PLEASE NOTE!! Laukontori does not offer cloakroom services, so please leave your restricted items and alcoholic beverages at home.


The festival offers a merch stand, where customers can shop for band shirts, records, patches and whatever exciting the bands have to offer their fans! The tent also offers SaariHelvetti 2021 hoodies, festival shirts with two different prints, two different kind of festival patches and SaariHelvetti canvas bags. Card payment is available.

Phone charging:

It is important to share your experiences on social media, especially at SaariHelvetti festival. Therefore, next to the Rock’n’Tits stage there is a tent, where customers can charge their phones, free of charge.

SaariHelvetti afterparty:

The official SaariHelvetti afterparty will be celebrated at Yo-talolla, address Kauppakatu 10, 33210 Tampere. Entry 5€ incl. cloak room fees. The afterparty will be celebrated from 00.00 am till 05.00 am.

Friday afterparty performer: TBA

Saturday afterparty performer: TBA

Viikinsaari, Tampere
Fri 6.8.2021 & Sat 7.8.2021

For more information:
Facebook event:


–  Attend the event only healthy. If you feel like you have the flu or other corona like symptoms, stay at home.

– We recommend that everyone who is considered a part of the risk group, to stay at home.

– Our festival area is big and we will be following the official health organization guidelines, when accepting the maximum amount of visitors per area.

– We kindly ask that each customer follows the recommended safety distance of 1-2 meters to other festival guests.

– We follow the safety distances in each queue (the bar, entrance, toilet facilities), but please remember, that the ferries are public transportation and can be crowded at times.

– We instruct every festival visitor to follow the official health and safety instructions of corona when sneezing, couching, etc. Cough into your sleeve, wash your hands regularly etc.

– The area and the sales tents have plenty of hand sanitizers. Additionally, each customer will receive their own hand sanitizer bottle and if wanted, a face mask.

– The staff of the festival will personally take care of good hand hygiene while working at the festival.

– The staff will be working with the needed hygiene equipment for each job.

– We will clean and disinfect every touch surface of the festival throughout the day.         

–  The staff of the festival, especially the safety staff, will monitor the safety distances of the festival visitors during the event.

– We prefer card payments.

– We will follow the current government and official health institution guidelines when working at the festival.